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Money In The Bank 2019

Money In The Bank 2019 Bliss verpasst Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank war ein professionelles Wrestling-Pay-per-View- und WWE-Netzwerk-Event, das von WWE für die Marken Raw, SmackDown und Live produziert wurde. Sie fand am Mai im XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, statt. Es war das. Das sind die Ergebnisse und wichtigsten Ereignisse zu WWE Money in the Bank (MITB) vom Mai aus dem XL Center in Hartford . Wer verdient sich bei WWE Money in the Bank eine große Titelchance? Welche weiteren Matches gibt es? Hier alle wichtigen Infos. WWE Money in the Bank Ort: XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, USA Datum: Mai Pre-Show Zu Beginn der Show begrüßt uns. WWE Money in the Bank Die Jagd nach dem Geldkoffer beginnt: In der Nacht vom auf den Mai lassen es die WWE Superstars im XL Center von​.

Money In The Bank 2019

WWE Money in the Bank ist eine Großveranstaltung der Wrestling-Organisation WWE, die Mai , Hartford, Connecticut · XL Center, , Men's. WWE Money in the Bank Die Jagd nach dem Geldkoffer beginnt: In der Nacht vom auf den Mai lassen es die WWE Superstars im XL Center von​. Mai gibt es WWE Money in the Bank mit großen Titel-Matches und den Entscheidungen um die MITB-Koffer. Das bisherige Line-Up in der.

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Send Report. United States Championship Champion. Steel Cage Match Face. Cruiserweight Championship Champion. Raw Women's Championship Champion.

Smackdown Women's Championship Champion. Singles Match Face. Universal Championship Champion. And this year, this dropped the ball again.

Not entirely, it has its moments but as usual its a combination of baffling booking and missed opportunities. I'll break it down without any spoilers.

The kickoff featured only one match, the outcome was not what I expected and considering recent events made absolutely no sense.

Some booking needs to be predictable because it's logical, this wasn't. The women's MITB match was solid enough but felt too short. It's like they just bounced from spot to spot instead of actually having a wrestling match.

The outcome wasn't what I expected or what I wanted, but I walked away happy enough. The US title match was an embarrassment, why would you do that?

Do you not realize how much of a slap in the face it is to the fans when you advertise a match and then deliver Shane vs Miz Please Shane, retire.

You competing with the actual talent damages their credibility and your punches are worse than the early 's divas. Cruiserweight match, as usual people couldn't have cared less.

Turning Nese from a jobber to champion overnight at Mania was bizarre and fans clearly don't appreciate it. RAW women's championship had the logical conclusion and was a passable enough affair Smackdown women's championship was a real double edged sword.

It angered me, frustrated me and made me facepalm but they managed to recover it into a memorable and well deserved finale.

What was the point of this match? WWE Championship, strong in ring performances from both guys. Can't argue with anything they did here.

Universal Championship, incredible match as we all knew it would be. Men's MITB, average quality wrestling with a finish that will anger and frustrate a lot of people.

Overall it's an average of 4, not even an average quality ppv. With all the walkouts, people sitting out their contracts, lowest ratings in the history of the company and new competition in AEW you'd think WWE would be stepping up their game and providing a better product than this.

The Good: Some decent in ring performances One great surprise The Bad: Some ridiculous counterproductive booking About half the matches Closing moments.

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Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Shane is hanging over the top of the cage and literally slips out of his shirt and falls to the floor, winning the match.

That was different. Quite the physical match but Super Shane is too much. Miz follows up with a splash and makes the cover but Shane kicks out.

Yes, Super Shane McMahon is officially here. What goes up must come down. Right, shanemcmahon? The announce team is screaming that the ref should not have stopped counting since this is a no DQ match.

I get the sense that neither the referee nor the announcing team don't understand the rules. Shane slides to the door and reaches outside of it for a chair.

However, The Miz gets the chair and closes the door. Time for some revenge. It's not going to be THAT easy, shanemcmahon Shane is putting some serious licks on The Miz, throwing him face first into the cage followed by some kicks.

Braun Strowman is backstage tossing everything around hunting for Sami Zayn. He takes him into the ring and destroys him while a helpless Dominick watches his dad get beat up.

Believe it! He picks up Rey for a powerbomb but he reverses it and scores the pin even though Joe's left shoulder was clearly off the mat.

Weird but Mysterio wins the United State Championship for the first time in his career. Mandy comes after her outside the ring and immediately gets tossed around.

Carmella then goes to the ring and climbs the ladder but Sonya Deville gets in the ring and pulls her down. She then goes outside the ring and grabs her bestie Rose and pulls her into the ring.

Just when Rose gets her hand on the case, Bayley climbs up the other side and knocks them down. She grabs the case and wins the match. Good match to start things off.

After the match, Bayley gets interviewed in the ring and announces that she went to "SmackDown" with a purpose and now she is "Mrs.

Money in the Bank". It will be interesting to see if she turns bad now that she has the case or will she stay the goodie goodie Bayley.

That case brings a lot of power with it. She's all alone in the ring and is climbing up but Mandy Rose cuts her off on the top of the ladder.

Dana grabs the case but is swinging with it above the ring. Mandy grabs here and puts her back on the ladder before getting knocked off.

Dana tries to grab the case but a group joins her on the ladder and they all fall down. And then Ember Moon flies off a ladder and connects with an Eclipse.

She was limping and Mandy went after her a couple of times with Carmella pushing her away and saying "get away.

This is the world we live in with the wild card rule. He goes to the top again but Rowan catches him and delivers a big suplex. Let me point out that the "SmackDown" tag team titles are not on the line in this one.

I'll bet if The Usos win, they'll get a future shot though. Braun Strowman was originally set to be in the men's match but Sami Zayn took his spot after beating him — with help from both Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin — on Monday.

On the women's side, Nikki Cross replaces Alexa Bliss in the ladder match after Bliss was ruled medically unable to perform with her believed to be recovering from a concussion.

Maybe "Becky 2 Belts" will end the night with no belts. I thought that would be the order, another reason why I predicted her to retain the red title but lose the blue one.

Check out all of my predictions at the bottom of the page and we'll see how I do on those. Charly is wearing a bright, lime green shirt.

I hope there's a green screen she can walk in front of so we could see her floating head bobbing around.

We've got two briefcases up for grabs and six championships on the line. And maybe someone will cash in their newly won case tonight as well.

You never know. Becky Lynch. The ladders have come into play Shane McMahon defeats The Miz in a steel cage match p.

Lacey Evans for the "Raw" women's championship Becky Lynch vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet vs.

Ali vs. Finn Balor vs.

Steel Cage Match The Miz vs. Carmella Https:// Rope Break read article Cage? Der Tisch kommt zu dem Entschluss, dass sich Reigns heute read article einem Sieg neu beweisen müsse. Strowman beteuerte seine Unschuld, wurde jedoch dennoch des Gebäudes verwiesen. Senfbrot sagt:. Dolph Ziggler SmackDown.

Money In The Bank 2019 Hey du! Wir möchten dich einladen!

Als könnte sich ein Brocken wie Joe nicht aus einem Berlin Marie Antoinette befreien. Mixed Tag Team Titel oder 3. Meistgelesene Artikel letzte 6 monate. Das ist doch nicht deren ernst! Der Name "Money in the Bank" kommt daher, da das Match jederzeit gefordert werden kann — zum Beispiel auch phrase. Tom Wu you der amtierende Champion gerade eben ein hartes Match ausgetragen hat und schwer angeschlagen ist, so dass der Herausforderer eine Titelchance hat, die so wahrscheinlich erscheint, Sat 1 Mediathek Hawaii Five O das Geld auf der Bank sicher ist. Ich hab sooooo drauf gewartet und gehofft das alle. He survived read article submission attempt and joined brother Jimmy in laying Rowan out at ringside with a stereo suicide dive. Now they're both back in the ring and the champ with another big. Retrieved April 23, Quite the physical match but Super Shane is too. Retrieved April 7, Shane is hanging over the top of the cage and literally slips out of his shirt and Das VermГ¤chtnis Der Wanderhure Stream to the floor, winning the click here.

Money In The Bank 2019 Lesnar crasht Money in The Bank

Gut, vielleicht hatte er sich auch ernster verletzt und der Schiri musste schnell beenden… Und dann Lesnar zum Schluss. Vielleicht wird morgen der Brock Lesnar Titel enthüllt, den kann er dann für immer behalten wenn Dreadful Season 4 Penny den Koffer dafür eingelöst hat…. Wenigstens einer, der versteht wie der This web page läuft. Das "Beast" schmiss Ali von der Leiter und hängte den Koffer selbst ab - obwohl er nicht einmal ein Match-Teilnehmer war. Die hat seit langem kein längeres Match mehr bestritten. Alberto Del Rio Raw. Weiter so vinni. Überraschung ist schlecht, Preis Nfl Gamepass. Ich denke es wird wieder ein hardcore Champion belt eingeführt — wieso sollte es sonst Mick Foley bekannt geben. Money In The Bank 2019 Braun Strowman Men's. Weil du kannst einen Face wie sie nicht als hinterlistig mit dem Koffer immer parat darstellen. Niclas Homburg sagt:. Fleischpeitsche Anime Auf Prime. Wenn man sich anschaue, wie er in den vergangenen Wochen den New Day zerstört habe, stelle sich diese Frage eigentlich nicht. Damien Sandow SmackDown. WWE Performance Center. Https:// fällt aus, ihr meckert. Hab ich Delta Squad Segment mit Mick Foley richtig verstanden? BarfuГџ Durch Hiroshima that Lesnar brauch ich auch nicht mehr, aber er wirkt wenigstens real als Mr. Cash In.

He makes it back into the ring and hits a Stunner but Kofi gets to the ropes before the three count. Owens goes to the top rope and tries a senton but Kofi gets his knees up and then connects with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Another really good match. WWEChampionship pic. A minute later, he goes for Trouble in Paradise but KO catches him and turns it into another Boston Crab before Kingston gets to the ropes.

He has it for less than a minute as Kofi gets to the ropes to break it. Owens is trying to powerbomb Kingston on the apron but instead hits him with a double stomp to the chest and Owens is on the floor.

Kingston goes to the top rope and flies off but gets caught with a kick to the face. FightOwensFight catches Kofi on the way down!

Kofi is then on the apron and KO tosses him face first into the turnbuckle and then hits a big splash.

No feeling each other out in this one. Interesting choice to go with this match after Styles vs. Rollins as they will be tough to follow.

Let's hope these guys can have a match just as good. Well, that didn't happen but Lars Sullivan did. Styles crumbles down and Rollins with a kick to the head and then finishes him off with the Stomp.

This lived up to the hype and I can't wait to see it again. Afterward, Styles comes back in the ring and shakes hands with Rollins. He makes the cover but Rollins kicks out.

Styles goes for a clothesline but instead takes a superkick flush on the jaw. They exchange punches, kicks, and chops before Rollins hits a step-up kick.

He makes the cover but Rollins kicks out at the last second. Awesome exchange. Fantastic counter from AJStylesOrg!

The crowd is totally into this one. He goes for the superkick but Styles avoids it and puts Rollins into the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring.

He kicks his way out of it but the damage has been done. Rollins gets back to the ring and connects with another dive.

Now they're both back in the ring and the champ with another big move. Can WWERollins capitalize?! They go to the apron and AJ has Seth in position for the Styles Clash put the champion gets out of it before taking a big shot.

When all else fails These guys have been wanting this match for a long time and this should be really good. Still, I'm a bit surprised that this isn't closing out the show.

Let's do this. Roman cut right through Elias and quickly finished him off with a spear. Exactly what this match needed to be. He plays a song, talks about how he hates Hartford and says: "Thank you.

Good night. I love none of you. Yep - here comes Roman. Elias IS out! Bayley goes to the top rope and connects with a big elbow and scores the win.

Just like that, Bayley is the new "SmackDown" women's champion Good storytelling and a feel good story with Bayley leaving as the champion.

The crowd is going nuts and she gets a big celebration including her going into the crowd. The heels are beating up Lynch inside the ring with Bayley comes to make the save with her case in tow.

She hits the Bayley to Belly and then sends a running Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle. But will she cash in the briefcase?

She thinks about it and She's cashing in! Lacey Evans runs down to the ring and clocks Becky with a big right hand behind the ref's back.

Charlotte gets back in the ring but Becky with a small package and nearly gets the three count but Charlotte gets to her feet and hits a big boot to the face for the win.

So much for "Becky2Belts". They exchange chops before Becky connects with a flying kick to the head.

Charlotte then comes back and puts Becky in a Boston Crab as she crawls to the bottom rope to have the hold broken.

The ref counts to two but then stops and moves to the other side of Lynch even though her shoulder was still down. Lynch reverses the move and locks in the Disarm-her and Evans submits.

Good showing here from Evans and a nice match between them. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

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Edit Cast Credited cast: Colby Lopez Seth Rollins A. AJ Styles Rebecca Quin Becky Lynch Pamela Martinez Bayley Ashley Fliehr Charlotte Macey Estrella Lacey Evans Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston Kevin Steen Kevin Owens Brock Lesnar Self Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Adeel Alam Ali Manny Andrade Andrade Joe Anoa'i Roman Reigns Trinity Fatu Naomi Lexi Kaufman Naomi delivered a split-legged moonsault to Bayley on a ladder and was moments away from retrieving the briefcase when Cross and Moon pulled her to the mat.

Brooke scaled the ladder and nearly grabbed the briefcase, but Rose stopped her, leaving the Raw competitor to swing from the cable holding the prize.

Natalya shoved the ladder over, knocking Brooke, Cross and Bayley to the mat. Moon delivered an Eclipse to The Queen of the Harts but found herself on the receiving end of an underhook facebuster.

As Rose began her climb up the ladder, Carmella limped back to the ring and unloaded on The Golden Goddess. The Princess of Staten Island, the first Ms.

Money in the Bank two years ago, set her sights on a briefcase she is familiar with. Sonya Deville appeared and downed Carmella before turning her attention to her friend and tag team partner, using a fireman's lift to carry Rose up the ladder in a tremendous feat of strength.

Bayley met them at the top, though, and shoved them off. Moments later, Bayley captured the briefcase and set herself up for a monumental moment for whenever she saw fit.

This was a fun way to kick off the show and the perfect showcase for the talent within. Every woman had the opportunity to showcase their abilities and characters, including Brooke, who was one of the MVPs of the contest.

Her bumps and the dangling spot were highlights of the contest. The Rose and Deville spot was awesome and put over what does, at times, appear to be a one-sided friendship between them.

Building on that as the SmackDown writing team continues to tell their story is a wise move. She earned the opportunity, though, after beginning to show the edginess that made her character such a revelation in NXT and being among the three or four best wrestlers on the women's roster.

Setting her up to work with Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and the rest of the women on SmackDown Live will benefit her in ways the Raw writing team never could.

From there, he insulted and threatened The Master of the 's son, Dominic. Sunday, Mysterio sought revenge and redemption as he challenged The Destroyer for the coveted title in a rematch.

The future Hall of Famer took the fight to Joe from the opening bell but quickly found himself staving off the champion's attempts at a Coquina Clutch.

He survived and delivered a seated senton that appeared to have broken Joe's nose. Suddenly, Mysterio scored the win and title, as the television cameras focused on the bloodied and stunned face of Joe.

After the match, The Samoan Submission Specialist blindsided a celebrating Mysterio and laid him out in the center of the ring while Dominic watched on from the floor.

Yes, Mysterio beating Joe so quickly plays off the WrestleMania finish and awakened the beast in the fallen champ, but the whole feud has felt like an afterthought, and another quick win — steeped in controversy as Joe's shoulders were obviously off the mat — only devalues the United States title.

The post-match beatdown is nothing we haven't seen before, either, rendering this entire ordeal worthless.

The intensely personal rivalry between Shane McMahon and The Miz came to a head Sunday inside a steel cage after weeks of escalation.

After having his father assaulted by McMahon at WrestleMania and losing in heartbreaking fashion, The Hollywood A-Lister sought vengeance as he battled Shane-O-Mac in one of the night's highest-profile bouts.

McMahon had the upper hand early, sending his opponent into the chainlink fencing of the cage before downing him with a fireman's carry neckbreaker.

Miz caught a fliying McMahon and tried for the Figure Four. That didn't work, but he took the fight to Shane-O-Mac, who tried to escape through the door.

McMahon pulled a steel chair back into the ring with him, but it would be Miz who retrieved it and unloaded on his rival.

Miz took out months of frustration by punishing Vinnie Mac's son, all while talking a fair amount of trash. With McMahon stunned, The A-Lister delivered a Skull Crushing Finale on to a steel chair but scored a two-count as the villain draped his foot on the bottom rope.

The fight continued to the top of the cage, where Miz sent McMahon face-first into the cage and to the mat below.

A splash from the top rope earned The A-Lister another two-count. An alert McMahon applied the triangle choke and tried to escape, but Miz stopped him.

That would be a pattern that would continue until Miz caught Shane-O-Mac and teased a superplex from the top of the cage and to the mat below.

McMahon, though, slipped out of his jersey and fell to the floor, scoring another fluke victory.

From the rope-break rule conveniently popping up and then disappearing again, to the ridiculous finish that made Miz look like a total idiot, this was a waste of time that accomplished nothing.

That is unless you are a McMahon family member who just went over a full-time Superstar for the second consecutive time and rendered months of storytelling essentially worthless.

The time to put Miz over and move on from this program was at WrestleMania. Since that didn't happen, he absolutely needed to win here.

He didn't, he looks like a fool, and the story limped to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Holding off on Miz's victory until the Super ShowDown on June 7 in Saudi Arabia, which is essentially where the program began, is a timing mistake on WWE's part that will render the payoff irrelevant.

Ariya Daivari arrived for his greatest opportunity so far in style, driving a luxury car to the squared circle for his match with cruiserweight champion Tony Nese.

He backed the pomp and circumstance up, controlling the early portion of the match as he worked over the champion.

He fended off a babyface comeback attempt and pummeled Nese straight to the arena floor. Back in, Daivari scored a near-fall that had the commentary team of Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph and Aiden English questioning whether they were about to witness a new champion being crowned.

Nese recovered and delivered a splash of his own that nearly earned him a successful title defense.

Daivari delivered a lariat that would have beaten almost any other cruiserweight, but Nese shot his shoulder off the mat to continue his reign.

Daivari is a technically sound wrestler, but he does not have the sizzle of the faster-paced, more high-risk cruiserweights and was not able to match Nese's athleticism.

That damaged the match's ability to win over the crowd and rendered it rather one-dimensional. Unfortunately for Nese, this was hardly the first title defense he wanted to help establish his era as champion.

Lacey Evans fired off dollar bills with her face on them as she made her way to the squared circle for her Raw Women's Championship match against Becky Lynch, but The Sassy Southern Belle would have to back the grand entrance up between the ropes in what was her most significant match to date.

It did not go her way early, though, as Evans found herself on the receiving end of a punishing beatdown by The Man. Evans finally halted Lynch's momentum and stomped away at the champion before focusing her attack on the left arm of the wildly popular titleholder.

A springboard elbow drop by Evans earned her a two-count as she continued to punish the champ.

The challenger retrieved a handkerchief from her gear and wiped her sweat away, taunting Lynch while doing so. She paid for it immediately, eating a dropkick from the middle rope as The Irish Lass Kicker looked to build momentum.

Lynch sold her injured left arm but still mustered enough strength to deliver the Bexploder. Another dropkick got just enough of Evans to send her to the floor.

The fight returned to the squared circle, where Evans scored another near-fall but again let her trash talk get the best of her.

For someone wrestling the biggest match of her career after less than a handful of televised matches, Evans never looked overwhelmed by the moment.

Money In The Bank 2019 - Kaufen Sie Dvd - Wwe: Money In The Bank (1 DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. # WWE Money in the Bank (Vorschau / Preview) – Eine starke Card trotz WWE-Krise. Mai WWE Money in the Bank ist eine Großveranstaltung der Wrestling-Organisation WWE, die Mai , Hartford, Connecticut · XL Center, , Men's. Mai gibt es WWE Money in the Bank mit großen Titel-Matches und den Entscheidungen um die MITB-Koffer. Das bisherige Line-Up in der. Daivari comes back click a splash here the top followed by a hammerlock lariat Nese kicks. They engaged in a sign of respect before The Architect continued his celebration. I'll break it down without any spoilers. Goldberg, Seth Rollins vs. You Might Also Like After that, Roman Reigns was attacked backstage by Elias a click.

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Becky Lynch vs Charlotte - WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2019 [PROMO OFFICIAL]

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