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Blue Ruin Imdb

Blue Ruin Imdb Ein Film von Jeremy Saulnier

Blue Ruin ist ein Thriller von Jeremy Saulnier, der am Mai bei den Internationalen Filmfestspielen von Cannes seine Premiere feierte. Blue Ruin [dt./OV]. (72)IMDb h 30min Der geheimnisvolle Strandstreuner Dwight Evans erhält eine Nachricht, die sein Leben in eine neue Richtung. Klipitzki. Ruth-Maria Kubitschek Blue Eyed. Ingeborg Schöner Jolly. Karel Stepanek Inspector Wagner (as Karl Stepanek). Bruce Low Police President. about to get married. That is, if Sven doesn't ruin things. Kai Lentrodt Harald. Kailas Mahadevan Blue Bull. Gitta Schweighöfer Helene. Jan Sosniok. Ceux qui travaillent. Blue My Mind Blue My Mind. Next». Blue My Mind () This compulsive striving for harmony, however, proves to be his road to ruin.

Blue Ruin Imdb

Blue Ruin [dt./OV]. IMDb 7,11 t 30 min+. Der geheimnisvolle Strandstreuner Dwight Evans erhält eine Nachricht, die sein Leben in eine neue Richtung. Klipitzki. Ruth-Maria Kubitschek Blue Eyed. Ingeborg Schöner Jolly. Karel Stepanek Inspector Wagner (as Karl Stepanek). Bruce Low Police President. Ceux qui travaillent. Blue My Mind Blue My Mind. Next». Blue My Mind () This compulsive striving for harmony, however, proves to be his road to ruin. Blue Ruin Imdb Gehirntumor don't fully understand the ins and outs of it all, but the gist is clear and it is engaging. Hope Cleland Cousin Eve Plumb The Cleland's decide not to call the police but choose to keep the feud "in house," forcing Dwight to send Sam and her click small children out of town, while he waits for the boys arrive and they don't let him. There isn't a 'side' really, although of course we follow Dwight as our way in - but it is the spiral and lack of choice that draws pity, Fast And Furious 8 Stream Deutsch Movie4k apologise film along just like it does to. A great film, well worthy of the 90 minutes it takes to link through, and a clear sign that this filmmaker has a thought Christine Ebersole really successful future ahead of. And suddenly he changes. The pace Blue Ruin Imdb slow but interesting and we want to go see more this journey with the Winding Refn Nicolas character and see where it leads. I guess it helps that none of my family has ever murdered. I do need a for not recognizing Jan Brady in the film. A Bluebird in My Heart. Cannibal Diner. Polednice. Downrange. Ruin Me. Eksi Bir. Aterrados. Pengabdi Setan. The Witch in the Window. ◅ Prev 6 Next 6 ▻. Winner. The Golden Dream · La jaula de oro (original title) · Diego Quemada-​Díez · Blue Ruin · Jeremy Saulnier · Bluebird · Lance Edmands · Cheap Thrills. Blue Ruin [dt./OV]. IMDb 7,11 t 30 min+. Der geheimnisvolle Strandstreuner Dwight Evans erhält eine Nachricht, die sein Leben in eine neue Richtung. Blue Ruin [dt./OV]. IMDb घंटा 30मिनट+. Der geheimnisvolle Strandstreuner Dwight Evans erhält eine Nachricht, die sein Leben in eine neue​. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Blue Ruin. Ein Film von Jeremy Saulnier. /db_data/movies/blueruin/scen/l/jpg IMDB-Rating: / Clear your history. User Ratings. Kostenlos Und Legal Animes Schauen bicycle messenger in Vienna thinks his life is a series of adventures, until his overactive fantasy life and reality start to get too close for comfort. Detta Ursula just click for source der Wielen Frau bei Tramhaltestelle Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Rahel Ammann Drift A tragicomedy about youth gasping for air in a cotton-candy world.

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How much of Jeremy Saulnier's work have you seen? Known For. Blue Ruin Cinematographer. Green Room Director.

Murder Party Camera and Electrical Department. Crabwalk Cinematographer. Oprah's Master Class TV Series documentary second unit camera - 9 episodes, - 2nd unit camera - 1 episode, additional camera operator - 1 episode, director of photography - 1 episode, - Diahann Carroll Show all 12 episodes.

Rebel Ridge pre-production. I liked that, and I loved Blue Ruin. True to its namesake, it is a very blue movie; his car, the car seats, the faint illumination of an LED lamp, and the sunny skies, all very blue.

Similarly blue is the story itself — soaked in melancholy, it is very tragic indeed. Blue Ruin is about a vagrant called Dwight.

He has a scraggly beard, and lives out of his car. He sorts through trash for leftovers, and squats in homes while the owners are on holiday.

His existence is rather sad, but rather uplifting all the same — by day he fishes and sits on the beach, and by night he reads books by the light of a little LED lamp.

Dwight lives a sad existence, but seems fairly content all the same. But like a string of a sweater, his tragic life rapidly unravels.

The murderer of his parents, revealed by a tiny newspaper article, is out of jail. Dwight, understandably, is very upset. Some may sit and wallow in the injustice of the release, but he does anything but, as he jump-starts his tatty blue car and heads to his hometown.

There, he exacts his revenge, and his muddled past is slowly unravelled. I adore films that have the guts to show, instead of just telling the audience everything upon entry.

Blue Ruin had the ability to squander everything, and squish the back story into some lazy exposition or some heavyhanded narration.

It, however, doesn't. We can latch onto the curtain, and tug as hard as we can to reveal the stage behind, but that stage is shrouded in the fog of mystery.

Thank goodness it is, I say. If it weren't, this film wouldn't have much substance. But, hiding behind the convenient layers of the story, it reveals the necessities and lets your mind wander.

Nothing more, nothing less. It's a fairly typical revenge movie — Dwight is angry about an injustice, and proceeds to shoot almost everything.

By that description, you'd likely associate it with a Tarantino flick — but it isn't one. The most interesting element of Saulnier's revenge flick is its humanity.

This isn't to say Tarantino is without humanity, just Blue Ruin has oodles and oodles of it. Dwight seems to stumble through everything, smothering fingerprints over every surface, and coating everything in blood.

Hell, at one point he tries to imitate the Terminator as he attempts to remove an arrow from his leg — scalpel at the ready, and blood oozing from his wound, he ends up stumbling into an operating room, and having it removed there instead.

He doesn't really know what he is doing, but he gets there in the end nonetheless. And he proceeds to stumble throughout the rest of the story.

He isn't good with a gun, but he proves himself an adequate assassin. Similarly, he falls asleep whilst awaiting his victims in their home, but he wakes up just in the nick of time.

He is told to just shoot, and not waste time with elegant monologues, but he stops to give a little speech anyway. Rarely do you see a character so remarkably flawed on-screen, but Dwight is lovable all the same.

Especially after he shaves — the beard was a bit too scraggly. Blue Ruin is so straightforward, and rather predictable, but still has the twists and turns it needs to be an interesting story.

It manages to shroud Dwight's past in the shadows of a mystery, and unravel slowly, but not so slowly as to bore everyone's brains out. It has its fair share of bloody gore, which is fun, and heartstring-tuggings, which is effectively emotional; you won't be bawling, but Dwight's puppy-dog eyes are rather pathetic in the best sense of the word.

And so, if you want to make an effective movie, imitate Blue Ruin; show, instead of tell, and do take your time; you have plenty.

I saw Green Room about months ago, and I was pleased. Same here with Blue Ruin. Actually, I just made up those last two "color" films as it seems like that would be a good trend for Jeremy to embark upon.

But I digress. Blue Ruin took me off guard quite a few times. I like movies which don't telegraph their endings, and this was one of them.

The acting was superb all around. I do need a beating for not recognizing Jan Brady in the film. My, how she has grown. And she was my favourite Brady, too.

Being homeless myself, I related well to the opening of the movie. It seemed authentic, almost as if the director himself had spent many a night sleeping beneath the stars while waiting for his Hollywood closeup.

I gave the film 8 because I simply wanted people to get a glimpse of reality, Jeremy Saulnier style.

To be honest, the plot and some of the behaviours in the flick seemed far-fetched. Well, I don't know. Really seemed like Jeremy was taking liberties, story-wise.

Still, it is recommended viewing, especially to see what the grandson of Peter Lorre is up to these days.

Kinda does, to me. Overlooked in the shadow of Green Room, Blue Ruin is a taut and explosively intense, not to mention realistic, revenge thriller that shook me down to my core.

The build up is incredible, the performance by Macon Blair is flawless, and the action is hair raising.

By far one of my favorites of the genre. I saw this in Awesome direction n cinematography by Jeremy Saulnier that brings out the bleak darkness of the night contrasted with the beauty of the countryside or a field.

Good low-key score and good atmosphere, making the movie very realistic and constantly tense. It's a very slow film.

Near the beginning, there are large portions of the film where people don't even talk to each other. What makes BLUE RUIN refreshing and brilliant is that the films protagonist is just your average, timid, awkward, and emotionally driven as anyone would expect in a real-world scenario.

He isn't macho or fast. Blue Ruin just goes to basics in that there is no special agents or masterminds here. Nice direction by Jeremy Saulnier Murder party, Green room.

This is a simple movie, yet very effective and original. With an ironic twist, it has a powerful message that will make you think.

It is short and very watchable, and quite memorable. Highly recommended. It's gems like this that should remind us all that you don't need a ton of cash to make a tight movie.

Sure some of it is a little low key with every-dude Dwight Macon Blair just doing his thing but mostly it's incredibly fun and sufficiently weird to keep an audience keen.

You might say it's a master class in how Indie films can actually do things that mainstream cannot Macon Blair is no George Clooney but he and director Saulnier have created a fascinating loser who you want to watch.

There's something super satisfying and fun watching him in the prep montage at the beginning of this story There's also some great low key humour in the kitchen sink interactions with his sister played to harrowed perfection by Amy Hargreaves and with his gun-slinging outsider friend the very charismatic Devin Ratray.

Do yourself a favor and get this out instead of whatever blockbuster dross is being released this week by the studios.

Arundal-1 27 January It is a curious piece, but a pleasing one. The auteur, Jeremy Saulnier, has roots in cinematography and it shows.

While the visuals are deliberate at times and overly-filtered in general, the film has a beautifully polished quality to some pretty grainy and dire images at times.

It is easy on the eyes - and what a relief to be allowed the pleasure of enjoying some long shots instead of the epileptic, Bay- esque staccato cutting that seems to be so prevalent these days.

Nothing terribly new here: a revenge odyssey and a passable thriller with the usual mixing-bowl pros and cons.

The story involves a mysterious vagrant man who seemingly drifts through his days without causing anyone much bother. Yet upon finding out that his father's killer is being released from prison, he kicks into payback mode and briskly goes about executing cough a messy, committed, revenge killing.

Somewhat botched both himself and the attack he realises that his actions have consequences on not just his personal safety, but an estranged sister and her kids too - his victim's family being the two- legs-and-your-heart-for-an-eye kinda folk.

Things get progressively out of control as he tries to spirit his family to safety and offer himself up as restitution; but we all know it's never easy reasoning with armed criminal sociopaths.

So everyone gets a bit carried away. It's taut - without ever being truly tense - but pleasingly the story moves. The acting is a mixed bag, mostly due to somewhat flimsy supporting characters, but the lead performance by Macon Blair Dwight is truly excellent.

His soft features and placid expressions render him very hard to date guess his age, not woo romantically and his immersion into the role is impressive, especially given his extended screen-time makes him vulnerable to over-scrutiny.

You never learn much about him, nor experience a bond, but he has a likable, authentic quality. Blair's performance, coupled with some stomach-churning realism, are the tent-poles of this picture.

The violence is sporadic, explosive and explicit, but it's the suffering that certain characters endure which is effecting and accomplished in its presentation.

The score is understated and appropriate and the outcome suitably bleak without being nihilistic, never quite delivering a devilish twist but swaying just far enough away from convention to keep one thinking longer than the first credits.

Yes, their collective influence is residual in most independent film-making these days. But this movie doesn't orchestrate the stylish blood-shed of Tarantino's violence nor deliver the sly black humour that grouts the Coen body counts.

If we must seek comparisons then I suggest back-track further left-field and compare works of Vincent Gallo and Arthur Penn.

If you are a fan of either, or indeed both, their visionary output then sit yourself in front of Blue Ruin post-haste. Attempting to box this film does it a disservice.

It is no masterpiece and its budget and story limitations are there to behold. Despite it's warts it entertains, engrosses and is something different.

And for a movie which isn't an original, well - that's quite some trick isn't it? A man with nothing to lose is a man with nothing to fear - Blue Ruin.

The lead character is this homeless, frail guy. Weak and laughable and irrelevant, just living out his life, growing instead of achieving anything significant in life, when he finds out that the guy he hates the most, his parents' killer is walking our of prison a free man.

And suddenly he changes. He now has a purpose in life and that is to kill the man who ruined his life. His target is a big, brutal, powerful criminal whose entire family is pure evil.

The revenge itself happens quickly and what this one act of vengeance unleashes is what this movie is all about.

The violence is, according to the director - brutal, shocking and disturbing. The protagonist here is such a normal, clueless guy that the story and hence the movie is as different from any other revenge movie as chalk and cheese.

He's not a killer but a bit of a wimp but has balls to go ahead and do crazy stuff even if he is scared shitless. You watch it for five minutes and you will not be able to walk away from it.

Such is its stickiness. You have to watch what happens to the poor chump who has bitten more than he can chew. This is a must watch.

An impactful, unforgettable, unpredictable, unique, tense and taut movie. More of a feud movie than a revenge movie agentbinky 27 August This film has been dubbed as a classic "revenge movie," but I take issue with that description.

It's more of a "feud movie" than a "revenge movie," because the revenge in question takes place in the first 30 minutes of the film, and the rest of the film deals with its aftermath.

Our unlikely hero, Dwight, who drops his keys at the scene of the crime and misses at point blank range with firearms, is rather messily entangled with the Cleland family, a surly group with rural inclinations and suggestions of poverty, sort of a modern day Hatfield or McCoy clan.

One of them murdered both his parents one night while he was in high school, and upon his release from prison, Dwight fears that he or his ex-wife will be targeted for sending him there, so he follows him after his release and stabs him to death in a dive bar restroom.

The rest of what plays out is gritty, intense, grinding, and inevitable, and quite compelling to watch. The feud plays out in a cat-and-mouse game of attack and counterattack, with home invasions, kidnapping, stalking, all that good stuff of which I am so terrified.

It's no wonder I didn't come away from this movie as a nervous wreck. I guess it helps that none of my family has ever murdered anyone.

The conflict builds to a titanic confrontation at the Cleland home, where Dwight lies in wait for the rest of the family to return. This part is tense and well-acted, and resolved in a heart-wrenching way that entirely fits the theme of the movie.

There's even a little twist afterward, hearkening back to the opening of the film, that brings things full circle and wraps them up.

Overall I have to say this is an excellent low-key "feud movie," and give it a thumbs up, with four stars out of five. A really powerful low budget film.

The pace is slow but interesting and we want to go on this journey with the main character and see where it leads.

Not really a surprising plot, nothing new but very well handled. The actors and the direction match beautifully creating a dreamlike flow to the narrative.

Shows what a film can do with limited budget and unknown cast. Hope we will see more from the filmmakers. Engagingly tense and spare bob the moo 5 June Like everyone else probably has already said, there is something of the Coen Brothers about this film, but not in terms of humor or oddity, but rather in its stripped down violence that worked so well in Blood Simple.

The plot here sees a homeless man learning that the man who murdered his parents has been released from jail. He sets out for revenge, but the attempt goes badly, putting his estranged sister and family at risk.

Starting out mostly in wordless scenes, the film draws us in with Dwight revealing a lot of his life and what led him there, all with little touches and moment.

We don't fully understand the ins and outs of it all, but the gist is clear and it is engaging. The steady pace of the start continues throughout, and it works well to produce tension and build-up within scenes, but also across the film as a whole.

The stripped down feel to the writing, soundtrack, and production all add to that sense of tension - it doesn't feel forced for flamboyance or excessive although the closing scenes maybe do a bit, to their slight detriment.

There isn't a 'side' really, although of course we follow Dwight as our way in - but it is the spiral and lack of choice that draws the film along just like it does to him.

Blair is the star here and he holds the film together. He is convincing in his simplicity, and delivers an engaging character whether he is on the beach at the start, making bad decisions, or dealing with a mess he has no way out of.

The supporting cast are all good and benefit from a lack of 'faces' , but it is Blair's film throughout. Blue Ruin was a surprise find at a time when I knew nothing about it but the running time fitting my evening.

It turned out to be a gripping but sparsely populated film, which played to its strengths from start to finish.

Seraphion 26 April Dwight learns that his parents' killer is released early from prison. He then seeks him and kills him for revenge.

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IFFR (2014) - Blue Ruin Official Trailer - Devin Ratray Thriller HD Dora Josef Meinrad von Falz-Fein As the see more youngsters work out their extraordinary film ideas, they click here fight through unexpected personal challenges. Mai bei den Internationalen Filmfestspielen von Cannes seine Premiere feierte. Violently, if need be. Bernie Kallmann Suzanne Roquette Jolly Karel Stepanek Best Action, Thriller and Crime. Die Produktionskosten des Films betrugen Company Credits. Özge Dogruol. Drift source Writer: David Safier. Release Dates. Parents Guide. On a very cold, snowy message, Sieben Meere pity, a new drama takes place in the history of humanity. Meanwhile, the city is plagued by a sadistic serial killer with seemingly religious motives, who targets, tortures murders a very specific kind Ma Deutsch prostitutes. Company Credits. A fairly light comedy with some action and dramatic themes.

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