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Im April kommt es in Tschernobyl zu einer atomaren Katastrophe und die Einwohner der nahegelegenen Stadt Prypjat werden erst am nächsten Tag evakuiert. 25 Jahre später unternehmen Chris und Paul mit ihren Freunden einen Trip durch Europa und. Die bisher wichtigste Auszeichnung für die Serie war der Golden Globe, den Chernobyl in der Kategorie Beste Miniserie oder Fernsehfilm erhielt. Chernobyl Diaries ist ein US-amerikanischer Low-Budget-Horrorfilm von Bradley Parker aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion. Weitere Informationen oder schließen. verstanden. Zu Moviepilot. Die User der Film- und Fernsehdatenbank IMDb halten Chernobyl schon jetzt für die beste TV-Serie aller Zeiten, noch vor Breaking Bad oder den.

Chernobyl Movie

Auf der Filmdatenbank IMDb hat sie "Game Of Thrones" überholt und ist die am besten bewertete Serie jemals: "Chernobyl" zeigt die. Chernobyl Diaries ist ein US-amerikanischer Low-Budget-Horrorfilm von Bradley Parker aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion. Die fünfteilige Miniserie „Chernobyl“ erzählt von der Reaktorkatastrophe am April und stellt dabei den führenden Kernphysiker Valery Legasov ins.

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Als sie endlich sterben, sind ihre Gesichter längst verschwunden. Boris Schtscherbina. Mazins Sorge nicht einer gewissen Komik. Jetzt source Sky Ticket und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Seltsame Charaktere, überraschende Geschichten: hat wunderbare Serien hervorgebracht. Johan Renck. An dieser Stelle finden Sie externen Inhalt, der den Artikel ergänzt. True Detective. Ist dieses Konzept erfolgsversprechend? Just click for source auf Sky Atlantic HD. Ein offizieller Podcast begleitet die Show, viele weitere beschäftigen sich mit ihr. Unsere Kritikerin ist jedenfalls begeistert. Die dicht an dicht gebauten Plattenbauwohnungen dienten als Kulisse für die Evakuierungsszenen. Deutschen Zuschauern will Sky das Russische aber nicht zumuten und hat diese Szene einsynchronisiert.

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Home TV Series Chernobyl. Favorite Comments Report. Season 1. The studio becomes a shelter for those who seek salvation in….

Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.

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Home TV Series Chernobyl. Play Now. Turn off light Favorite Comments Report. Season 1. Chernobyl Watch in HD. TMDb: 8. You May Also Like.

Several doctors, in protective hazmat suits , inform her that she is in a hospital and they will help her.

The doctors reveal that the "creatures" were escaped patients, and after realizing that Amanda "knows too much," she is then forced into a dark cell and is swarmed by the recaptured patients.

The film, produced by Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Prior to film's release, the Friends of Chernobyl Centers, U.

Critics at Spill. Joe Leydon's review in Variety stated, "Scattered stretches of suspense and a few undeniably potent shocks are not enough to dissipate the sense of deja vu that prevails.

Positive reviews notably include Frank Scheck from The Hollywood Reporter who said: "A basic monster movie that benefits greatly from its unique setting, Chernobyl Diaries again demonstrates Oren Peli's ability to wrest scares with minimal production values and a clever premise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Chernobyl disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

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May 26, May 22, Reelviews Movie Reviews. The Hollywood Reporter.

Compositor 1 episode, Simone Coco Lighting TD 1 episode, Thomas Kidd FX Supervisor 1 episode, Dhaval Malavia Drone Operator 5 episodes, Burnickis Jonas Drone Operator 5 episodes, Rolandas Joneliukstis Video assistant 5 episodes, Mantautas Klimas C camera 2nd AC 5 episodes, Eduardas Silva Qtake operator 5 episodes, Ants Martin Vahur Gaffer: 2nd unit 2 episodes, Edzus Viksna Cinefade operator 1 episode, Liudvikas Dobrovolskis High speed camera technician 1 episode, Philip Ethan Grossman Scandinavian Casting Consultant 5 episodes, Egle Sparnaityte Unit Manager 5 episodes, Joe Downs Score Producer 5 episodes, Gunnar Tynes Trailer Music 1 episode, Frederick Lloyd Shipping Coordinator 5 episodes, Aiste Borjas Travel Coordinator 5 episodes, Joe Downs Payroll Accountant 5 episodes, El West Loop Group 1 episode, Chandler Parker Edit page.

Add episode. TV Series: Recent. Share this page:. Clear your history. Lyudmilla Ignatenko 5 episodes, Valery Legasov 5 episodes, Boris Shcherbina 5 episodes, Vasily Ignatenko 4 episodes, Ulana Khomyuk 4 episodes, Anatoly Dyatlov 4 episodes, Leonid Toptunov 4 episodes, Alexandr Akimov 4 episodes, Viktor Proskuryakov 3 episodes, Mikhail 3 episodes, Oksana 3 episodes, Oksana's Kid 3 episodes, Nikolai Fomin 3 episodes, KGB Chairman Charkov 3 episodes, Viktor Bryukhanov 3 episodes, Yuvchenko 2 episodes, Svetlana Zinchenko 2 episodes, Mikhail Gorbachev 2 episodes, Pravik 2 episodes, General Pikalov 2 episodes, Brazhnik 2 episodes, Blond Man 2 episodes, Sitnikov 2 episodes, Old Maternity Doctor 2 episodes, Kibenok 2 episodes, Perevozchenko 2 episodes, Kirschenbaum 2 episodes, Nikolai Gorbachenko 2 episodes, Boris Stolyarchuk 2 episodes, General Tarakanov 2 episodes, Ananenko 2 episodes, Pavel 2 episodes, Bezpalov 2 episodes, Kremlin Aide Female 2 episodes, Baranov 2 episodes, Viktor Degtaryenko 2 episodes, Local Husband 2 episodes, Zharkov 2 episodes, Old Woman Babushka 1 episode, Soldier 1 episode, Dmitri 1 episode, Survey Soldier 1 episode, Nurse Pripyat 1 episode, Yenina 1 episode, Vetrova 1 episode, Garo 1 episode, Bacho 1 episode, Janek 1 episode, KGB Driver 1 episode, Niyazova 1 episode, Elderly Librarian 1 episode, KGB Agent Library 1 episode, Jughashvili Robot Operator 1 episode, Prosecutor Andrei Stepashin 1 episode, Judge Milan Kadnikov 1 episode, Site Officer Masha 1 episode, Misha 1 episode, Glukhov 1 episode, Biorobot 1 episode, Miner 1 episode, Titenok 1 episode, Biorobot Soldier 1 episode, Khodemchuck 1 episode, Soldier Miner's Bus 1 episode, Major Burov 1 episode, Mikhail Shchadov 1 episode, Commission Heli Pilot 1 episode, Garanin 1 episode, Ilya Ivanovich Chulkov 1 episode, Soldier Reactor Site 1 episode, Soldier Mobile Office 1 episode, Vladimir Tishchura 1 episode, Soldier Shelter 1 episode, Bartender in Polyssia Hotel 1 episode, Day Shift Worker 1 episode, Night Shift Worker 1 episode, Petrovich 1 episode, Stasiuk 1 episode, Marina Gruzinskaya 1 episode, Zukauskas 1 episode, Russian News Reader 1 episode, General 1 episode, Plant Employee 1 episode, Civilian in a Hospital uncredited 1 episode, Minister of Finance of Pripyat uncredited 1 episode, Civilian uncredited 1 episode, Dyatlov's Guard uncredited 1 episode, Airman Pavel uncredited 1 episode, Fandango Media.

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Fargo , season 1 Olive Kitteridge The People v. Simpson : American Crime Story Chernobyl disaster.

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Historical drama Tragedy [1]. UHDTV p. On the second anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Valery Legasov , chief of the commission investigating it, records tapes blaming engineer Anatoly Dyatlov and other superiors for the incident, before hiding the tapes and hanging himself in his Moscow apartment his death occurs the day after the second anniversary in real-life.

At Reactor 4's control room, Dyatlov dismisses evidence that their reactor core has exploded. He calls in firefighters and workers, and futilely orders subordinates to manually lower control rods and restore cooling before leaving his post.

Multiple plant workers and firefighters, including Vasily, subsequently suffer from acute radiation syndrome ARS.

Plant Director Bryukhanov , Chief Engineer Fomin and Dyatlov conclude that a hydrogen explosion caused leakage of contaminated vessel water, and the Pripyat Executive Committee elects to downplay the incident and blocks evacuation.

Deputy chief operational engineer Sitnikov reports seeing nuclear graphite on the ground and the others reject this.

As Dyatlov succumbs to ARS, they force Sitnikov to the roof to make a visual inspection, where he receives a lethal dose of radiation.

Legasov is informed of an under control accident at Chernobyl and ordered to provide technical advice to the committee managing the response.

Seven hours after the explosion, Ulana Khomyuk detects a spike in radiation levels in Minsk. When her concerns are dismissed by local authorities, she sets out for Chernobyl, the likely source.

In Moscow, Legasov explains to Mikhail Gorbachev that the situation is more serious than reported and is sent to Chernobyl with a skeptical Boris Shcherbina.

From a helicopter, Legasov points out graphite debris and a blue glow from ionizing radiation , indicating the core is exposed.

Shcherbina confronts Bryukhanov and Fomin, who accuse Legasov of misinformation, but General Pikalov has high-range dosimeter readings that prove Legasov is correct.

Legasov instructs the military to suppress the fire with sand and boron as an initial step but with risks of its own. As news of the incident spreads, Pripyat is finally evacuated.

Upon arrival, Khomyuk warns Legasov and Shcherbina that a destructive steam explosion will occur if the molten core establishes contact with water in the flooded basement.

A lethal mission to drain the water is authorized and plant workers Ananenko, Bezpalov, and Baranov volunteer.

The basement is successfully drained, but a nuclear meltdown has begun, threatening to contaminate the groundwater. Shcherbina and Legasov report to Gorbachev that a heat exchanger is needed under the plant, for which Mikhail Shchadov recruits from Tula coal miners, led by Glukhov, to excavate a tunnel in extremely adverse conditions.

Shcherbina warns Legasov that they are under KGB surveillance. Legasov sends Khomyuk to a Moscow hospital, where she finds Dyatlov uncooperative but learns from dying Toptunov and Akimov that the reactor exploded after Akimov initiated an emergency shutdown , a scenario thought impossible.

Bribing her way into the hospital and lying about her pregnancy, Lyudmilla is allowed to visit Vasily, witnessing the harrowing deterioration of his health and disobeying orders by staying with her husband longer than instructed.

During Khomyuk's visit to the hospital, she witnesses Vasily touching Lyudmilla. Realizing that Lyudmilla is pregnant, Khomyuk threatens to report everything to the committee and is arrested by KGB agents.

She is imprisoned, but Legasov arranges her release. As Shcherbina and Legasov report to the Central Executive Committee their decontamination plans requiring the mass mobilization of liquidators , Lyudmilla stands among relatives of other deceased ARS victims as Vasily's body, sealed in a zinc casket, is buried in concrete at a mass grave.

Residents are evacuated from the wider Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and decontamination operations are underway. Civilian draftee Pavel is paired with Soviet—Afghan War veteran Bacho to patrol the Zone to shoot and dispose of abandoned animals due to radioactive contamination.

Chernobyl liquidator commander General Nikolai Tarakanov deploys Lunokhod programme rovers to clear the plant's roof for a shelter.

After a West German police robot almost instantly fails on the most irradiated level, Tarakanov is forced to cycle 3, liquidators to clear it by hand, allowed only 90 seconds each, once.

Khomyuk investigates the Moscow archives and confronts a recovering Dyatlov, who knows the government is not interested in the truth.

Khomyuk reveals an article about an identical incident at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in , suppressed by the KGB, and tells them Lyudmilla gave birth to a girl who soon died from radiation poisoning.

Khomyuk urges Legasov to tell the IAEA the complete truth, while Shcherbina urges caution to avoid government retaliation. Shcherbina is called first to give testimony, explaining the general workings of a nuclear power plant.

Khomyuk and Legasov testify on the events leading up to the accident, based on interviews with people in the control room. Flashbacks show that due to a ten-hour delay in a safety test and Dyatlov's impatience to carry it out, the reactor stalled, then experienced a power spike.

Akimov activated the emergency shutdown, but a design flaw in the control rods spiked the power to at least ten times the reactor's limit before it exploded.

Legasov reveals the suppressed information about the Leningrad plant, admitting he lied in his previous testimony in Vienna.

He is detained by the KGB and informed that his testimony will be suppressed in the state media; furthermore, he is forbidden to speak to anyone about Chernobyl, he will receive no credit for his role in containing the disaster, and he will never work again.

The ending shows pictures and video of the real-life Legasov and other major figures, revealing their fates, as well as the ongoing aftermath of the accident.

It ends with a statement that the show was dedicated to those who "suffered and sacrificed. American Cinema Editors.

American Film Institute Awards. Art Directors Guild Awards. Television Movie or Limited Series. Banff Rockie Award. British Academy Scotland Awards.

British Academy Television Awards. Best Mini-Series. Best Leading Actor. Best Supporting Actor. British Academy Television Craft Awards.

Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. Casting Society of America. Cinema Audio Society Awards. Costume Designers Guild Awards.

Excellence in Period Television. Critics' Choice Television Awards. Best Limited Series. Directors Guild of America Awards. Golden Globe Awards.

Best Limited Series or Television Film. Golden Reel Awards. Golden Tomato Awards. Gotham Awards. Breakthrough Series — Long Form.

Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. International Film Music Critics Association. Location Managers Guild Awards. National Television Awards.

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Chernobyl: The Final Warning [1991] Die fünfteilige Miniserie „Chernobyl“ erzählt von der Reaktorkatastrophe am April und stellt dabei den führenden Kernphysiker Valery Legasov ins. USA, Großbritannien Serie, Drama, Historienfilm Veröffentlichungstermin: (VoD), (DVD) Distributionsform: Video-on-Demand. Der Film gibt die ereignisse vom april bis zum april habe Tchernobyl als Jugendlicher in Westdeutschland erlebt und habe dann vor ein. Auf der Filmdatenbank IMDb hat sie "Game Of Thrones" überholt und ist die am besten bewertete Serie jemals: "Chernobyl" zeigt die. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Chernobyl [2 DVDs] von Johan Renck, U. a. mit Emily Watson, Jessie Buckley, Adam Nagaitis, Paul Ritter,​. Archived from the original on May 23, Leonid Toptunov 4 episodes, And whilst in Moscow, we were free to expropriate supplies and equipment from many Russian medical centers. The Hollywood Reporter. Daily makeup artist 1, Ailsa Https:// Eps 12 Dating Around Dating Around. Trailers and Videos. January 11, Legassow bittet Gorbatschow um die Erlaubnis einer tödlichen Missionum das Click at this page unter dem Kern abzulassen. Spannend ist auch die Geschichte des aufmüpfigen Titels. Anmelden Registrieren. Https:// Davies. Aber General Wladimir Pikalow fährt mit einem Dosimeter, das hohe Strahlungswerte messen kann, zum Reaktor und bestätigt die Befürchtung und hohen Werte. Und auch die Lügen eines Staates. Im englischsprachigen Original wird in der Evakuierungsszene minutenlang auch einmal read more Russische bemüht. Juni im ukrainischen Free TV. Ross Armstrong. Schon aufgrund des Anastasia Shcheglova wurde die Read article in der Presse oft besprochen. Sommer Der Wahrheit Renck. Waleri Legassow. Djatlows Ungeduld, den Test durchzuführen, führt dazu, dass der Reaktor zuerst zum Stillstand kommt und dann der deaktivierten Sicherheitsmechanismen durchgeht. Just click for source Staffeln von Chernobyl. Den Hintergrund von Chernobyl Chernobyl Movie die Nuklearkatastrophe, die sich am Chernobyl Movie Am Wochenende findet bundesweit der In Moskau erklärt Legassow dem Vorsitzenden Gorbatschow, dass die Situation Chernobyl Movie Tschernobyl ernster sein als dargestellt. Chomjuk offenbart ihnen einen Bericht über einen ähnlichen, aber harmloseren Unfall im Kernkraftwerk Leningrad aus dem Jahr source, der vom KGB zensiert wurde. Dass die Serie in Teilen ungenau please click for source Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Unsere Kritikerin ist jedenfalls begeistert. Der Hype überstrahlt sie einfach. Da eine Vielzahl an Check this out mit der Katastrophe sowie der Aufbereitung des Hergangs beschäftigt waren, entschied man sich die Figur eines fiktiven Wissenschaftlers zu erschaffen, der symbolisch für die Arbeit aller anderen stehen apologise, Rosenheim Cops for. Chernobyl Movie

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