The Post-Real World

June 29 2015

Yes I'm blogging again - don't make a big deal out of it

I’m sitting in a cattle shed bar looking out on a blue green sea that is still vivid through the mist. I suspect its the same mist that was clinging to the ground as we drove through the moors earlier, a disconcerting surreal experience, made even more so by the habit of the sheep to stand in the mist and pose like it was a fashion shoot.

The bar is Australian themed, a purpose built aircraft hanger for the stag and hen animals. It’s not a bad place per say, the drinks are cheapish, the furniture comfortable, and the floor not covered in sawdust. But it cant shake the psychic hangover, all that pent up anger and sexuality fuelled by sugary shots and 241 excess staining the walls like semen under a blue light.

Outside an island is connected to the curving cliffs by a white iron bridge and a single house sits on the island like a defiant piskie on a toadstool. Through the mist I can just make out movement through the window. The whole vista reminds me of the expensive puzzle games from the early 2000’s.

Inside, if you get close to the australian themed photo collage on one of the walls, the “vintage” pictures start to pixelate. Distortions of a copy of a copy. The first third of a car is hung upside down jutting out of the wall above the windows. Don't drink and teleport kids. I suspect the car is fiberglass if you really look.

Inside and out reality is bleeding. Real is not a fact anymore its an opinion.

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