Quick Notes On Summers End

August 25 2016

Late August in Brighton, I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to bellyache about the “tourists” but I am looking forward to having the beach a little quieter. Look to the left you’ll see the sea with the sun hitting the surface in that late afternoon way that makes it look like a sheet of ice if you tilt you head just right. Look down you’ll see the crisp packets and plastic drug baggies.

But up, up is the way you should be looking. Look up and you’ll see the beginning of another stunning sunset. With the air dropping the humidity it's suddenly one of those late summer evenings you suspect could be the last of the year. But the prospect of six months of grey and sleet is never as daunting while your skin still prickles and the cans are still cold and the merry-go-round goes around merrily.

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