Pocket Fluff

January 27 2017

Since writing this last night I found out this is a topic that is oft discussed, I suppose the fact I hadn't read anything about it is an issue in itself - so I send you here LINK

A better article written by an actual women, and afterwards come back and read my fluff that just underlines the point really

Women's trousers have no pockets and it's a big deal. Men we take for granted our ability to keep our un-loseables next to our unmentionables.

When I first pulled on the clingy glitter trousers I first noticed the lack of belt loops, but when I reflexively went to stick my hands into the front pockets to push the pocket material down, as I suppose I do everytime I wear trousers, I was left pawing at my hips like a sad dog.

“Okay” I thought, clipping my wallet chain to my boxer shorts “I’ve got back pockets, I can survive”. It was only when I got too the shop for a crafty travel beer that I realised a 50% decrease in pocket capacity is not only significant, it’s a handicap. Keys, wallet, phone, loose change, even a notebook. My man trousers could handle them all with ease, secure, anchored right near my centre of gravity. These measly shallow pockets could were barely comparable.

I had to ask the question - was a grey glitter pair of figure hugging strides worth losing any of my normal beloved accoutrements? Well, yes of course, but I shouldn't have to. How hard can a pocket be? A slit with a cloth net attached? Its interesting to note that mens suits come with pockets, but the pockets are stitched up a kind of guiding hand reminding dufus men about ruining the line of the suit. But ultimately the decision is ours. Why do we get the option and women don’t?

I never realised the attraction of handbags before or our weird cultural taboo about looking in them. But now it’s obvious, handbags are women's pockets, rooting around in another person's handbag is the equivalent of sticking your hand in your mates front pocket.

The lack of belt loops and pockets hint at something deeper though, it draws attention to purpose. Mens trousers compared to womens are veritable swiss army kecks, functional objects, battles strides against a busy world. The female trouser however are all form, decoration, they’re certainly not warm and the cut is designed to show rather than obscure. Not that there's anything wrong with looking good, which, as I flex my calves clad in shimmering gun metal, I undoubtable do. It's just that when even what you wear is solely focused on how you look, rather than feel, or function, the message is sent. You exist to be seen.

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