Idle thoughts about the end

January 07 2013


I hate the personification of the earth as a weak and delicate person being attacked by us, desperately pleading to be 'saved'. The earth is neither weak nor delicate. If the earth is a person then weather are her moods, and its us that gets smashed on the bad days. Which boils down to the real truth that I think even the most ardent green knit your own yogurt wing ding knows – The earth doesn't need any 'friends'. What ever we do the earth is fine. Its US that need to be saved and, honestly, I don't think we're worth the effort.

Yes, we could probably squeeze out another three or four generations if we eat mud, shower once a month and power our mobiles with hand cranks. But why bother?

OR we could go out in a blaze of glorious consumption.

Lets find a way of drinking pure oil smoothies, light our cities in a dazzling display of permanent summer and make rare animal pelts the must have headgear for the season ' albino snow tiger is soo last season daaaarling, I only wear panda shoes now.'

Lets not only fiddle while our civilisation burns, let's stand on the highest mountain and shred solid platinum guitars through 157,000 watts of amplification while the super volcanoes rain fire and sulphur. Mother nature may be fine after we gone, but lets kick that bitch on the womb before we go.

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