I Take A Deep Breath

November 25 2015

A blog post just to keep the momentum up really. It's a cold gray November day with most adults dangling themselves over the precipice of the Christmas season. Steeling themselves for the cheer, confusion, alienation, and joy that the season brings. As I type this the Chancellor of the Exchequer of this country is still committed his party to a course of action that will kill people. A regularly beaten dog with stop snapping after a depressingly short time. And the country shrugs because he’s promised to use a less pointy stick.

I thought I woke up last night with a major insight to the problems to the Middle East, “Muslims are angry because becoming James Bond is Haram” I thought with an absolute certainty that this revelation would help. I’m glad I don't remember my dreams. I’ve always known they’re nightmares, I’m just surprised they’re ill-informed slightly racist nightmares.


I’ve recently written a couple of pieces for Paradise Circus you might want to take a look at, the first is a spirited defence of the Birmingham German Market, I hate to tell you this but I really don't believe a word of it, one of the editors gave me the task and I took it as an interesting experiment in Devil's advocacy.

The second is a report from the hustings for the next leader of Birmingham Council. Since then Cllr Jon Clancy has been voted in, a man I describe in the article as looking like a “successful jacuzzi salesman” and to my mind was the only one out of the whole lot who really wanted the position rather than felt the deserved it.

Watching - Gotham remains a batshit soap noir, I’m not recommending it to anyone else, but I’m definitely still in. Scorpion is a fun formulaic wallpaper tv romp if you can suppress the urge to point out “that's not how that works” every five minutes, and can stomach an underlying message that conditions like autism, phobias, addictions, and trust issues can be overcome if you just try hard enough.

Reading - Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong, near future sci-fi, very funny and rattling along at a good pace. Gibson written by more sarcastic Douglas Adams. If you miss Michael Marshall Smith you’ll like this. Red Moon by Benjamin Percy weighty and dense, makes a book that essentially about a werewolf civil war seem very real.

Eating - M.E.G - Military Energy Gum cinnamon flavour chewing gum, a fairly tame 100mgs of caffeine in each piece. Zingy though

And that's your lot, I’m not going to do a “listening” as I intend to bring back the THREE4FREE format in the next couple of days.

Try to be kind, winters are long and filled with loss, were surrounded by wolves, and your smile may be the thing that someone else needs to get through it alive.

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