Danny Smith: Danny’s work has appeared in Vice, Fused and Area magazines as well as the Telegraph and the Birmingham Post, and he has even appeared on television as a “pier expert”. In fact Danny is the one of the world's foremost expert on British piers who (?) doesn't actually like piers all that much. He’s quoted as saying “a few know more, but none care less”. He’s never met a brief he’s ever been scared of, but prefers to write about fringe culture and weirdness in the modern world. He’s worked behind the bar and on the doors of the roughest pubs in Birmingham, sold encyclopedias in the Australian outback, and taught gang kids from the ghettos of New Jersey how to shoot a bow and arrow. After writing Pier Review Danny moved to Brighton to become glamour trash and currently wrestles kids for a living. He has a special hat he wears while he poos and thinks everyone should have one. Fancy.

Together with cohort Jon Bounds they published and edited Dirty Bristow — a literary magazine with no rules — and wrote Pier Review: A Road Trip in Search of the Great British Seaside - a book which Danny Wallace described as ‘peerless’ They’re looking forward to spending another two weeks cramped together on Britain's motorways..